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Trust is the foundation of any relationship. We've been fortunate enough to work with organizations of all sizes and industries that trust us with their archiving needs.

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Our lawyers have never worked with anyone able to get them data so quickly…

“Our lawyers made a comment to me recently that they’ve never worked with anyone who was able to get them data so quickly and in such good condition. They’re also able to go in and grab what they need so it’s all very painless.”

- Chuck Dinsfriend, Senior Director of IT Services, ISTE

Just a few keystrokes…

“With just a few keystrokes in a search field, we were able to get a paper trail of the correspondence between the agents and the clients."

- Diane Miller, Marketing Coordinator, oldCape Sotheby's International Realty

Valuable access to email…

"It was invaluable to have quick access to our archive to assist us in proving our case based on the content in specific email messages.”

- Ted Hughes, Director of Operations, Texas Tax Group

Met archiving and compliance requirements…

"Authority allows AFGE to meet its archiving and compliance requirements in a cost-effective, no maintenance way."

- Taylor Higley, Director, Information Services, AFGE, AFL-CIO