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The Email Migration Handbook

Email migration provides some important benefits for any organization, particularly for those that are moving to the cloud or to a new email platform that is more scalable, cheaper or faster. Before you begin the first step of a migration, get as much information from knowledgeable people as you can. Reading this ebook is a very good place to start!

Why Archiving Makes Sense

This valuable resource from Osterman Research includes analysis and results from a survey of IT professionals regarding their backup and archiving strategies. You’ll also learn how archiving can be used as a primarily “defensive” capability to protect you from the variety of legal, regulatory and other external requirements.

Like a Good Neighbor, Authority is there for Nonprofit

While amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure regarding electronic discovery went into effect in December 2006, many organizations still believe that email backup satisfies the need to archive—not the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), which uses the Authority hosted archiving and backup solution.

Agency Gets More Than Fair Market Value From Authority

After moving its email from a local provider to Google, oldCape Sotheby’s International Realty decided that Postini wasn’t going to serve its needs. In addition to a strong recommendation from a trusted technologist, oldCape realized that Authority provided the security and simplicity it needed at a cost it could afford.

Why Texas Tax Group Chose Authority Over Other Archiving Solutions

Prior to choosing Authority for hassle-free eDiscovery, archiving, backup and disaster recovery, Texas Tax Group used Backupify, which required Ted Hughes, the group’s Director of Operations, to download a local copy of a departing employee’s email. “The way they operate and the way they archive just didn’t fit our needs,” he said. “It actually created more problems.”

The Benefits of Private Accounts in Your Email Archive

Learn how Private Accounts provide major benefits for organizations concerned about who has access to their data. Also included is a case study on Dysart Unified School District.

Archiving Considerations for Using OneDrive for Business

A must-read for anyone considering the possibility of using OneDrive for Business as a file server alternative. This white paper details important advantages and considerations when determining how to use OneDrive for Business, including the need for a third-party archive solution.

Exchange to Office 365 Archiving Considerations

This white paper details five considerations to keep in mind when deciding to migrate a message archive from Microsoft Exchange to Office 365. Author Brien Posey is a 13-time Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) with two decades of IT experience. He has published thousands of articles and has written or contributed to dozens of IT books.