OneDrive for Business Archiving

Did you know that OneDrive for Business data is not included in SharePoint’s eDiscovery results without considerable effort? In addition, there are several security and data retention challenges when archiving OneDrive for Business.

If you are–or are considering the possibility of–using OneDrive for Business as a file server alternative, without a third-party solution you will be faced with many challenges when it comes to archiving the data.

Authority’s OneDrive for Business archiving solution provides:

» Customized Solution

Create a customized solution including advanced search, archive access logs and litigation hold options, which make eDiscovery requests virtually stress-free.

» Archive and Backup OneDrive for Business

All files are archived complete with version history and stored in multiple geographic locations.

» Exceptional Customer Service

Reach an experienced and knowledgeable customer service member every time.

» Customized Retention Policies

You determine your retention policies. Decide how long and who it applies to–you make the decision as to which Organizational Units (OUs) you want to archive, giving you the ability to exclude accounts.

» Complete Transparency

Organizational insight into archive activity with search query logging, message access logs and instant email notification any time a user logs into the archives.

» Easy Setup for OneDrive for Business

Migrate your content and we will archive it and apply your retention policies through optional data migration.

» More Features