Why Exporting Options Are Important In Your Email Archive


Most of us think about what goes into an email archiving solution, but let’s consider what comes out. When evaluating products, it’s best to confirm that you will have multiple exporting options for litigation and migration purposes, as well as a simple process requiring minimal effort for the archive administrator.

Google Vault customers feel pain perhaps more than anyone because they can only export to a compressed mbox file. Many archives, eDiscovery products and litigation support systems don’t support mbox and/or add costs to your overall data governance and retention efforts. After expanding the compressed mbox file and preparing it for import, the data will likely need to be converted to another format, such as a Personal Storage Table (PST).

Another point to consider is that Google Vault has issues with large, time-consuming exports. If an export exceeds 24 hours, the process stops, providing you only partial results and requiring you to continue the export manually.

To make matters worse, Vault only exports up to 10 GB in an mbox file. If your export is larger, Vault creates multiple mbox files, which is an inconvenience for both you and the party for whom you’re preparing the data. If waiting several days for an export to complete isn’t bad enough, remember that you’re repeatedly checking in on the process to make sure that it hasn’t stopped.

With the right third-party archiving solution for email products like Gmail, Exchange and Office 365, you shouldn’t have to worry about these exporting limitations. While .pst is one very common format, you might be asked to produce EML, CSV or even PDF files. Telling lawyers or a judge that they’ll have to wait for data to be converted, or that the requested file type isn’t an option, can come at the cost of your time, money and reputation.

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