Don’t Let Spam Fall Through the Cracks of Your Email Archive


Have you ever had an email that incorrectly went to your spam folder? Of course, you have; it happens to everybody. A domain gets blacklisted, or keywords trigger a filter that shoots the message to a spam folder sometimes without the recipient ever knowing about it.

Your archiving solution should offer the ability to archive messages marked as spam. Otherwise, you could end up in a predicament that prevents you from producing data for eDiscovery. Archiving products like Google Vault will only archive email that hits a user’s inbox. If a message gets blocked at any point, whether it is corrupt, spam or recognized as having a virus, then your organization won’t have it available for eDiscovery.

Don’t get me wrong. Most of the time spam is spam. However, you should consider a solution that archives every message regardless of its destination. If you choose an archiving solution that doesn’t nickel and dime you for additional storage, this won’t be a concern.

While Google puts in a tremendous amount of effort to reduce the amount of spam users receive, a Gmail admin can blacklist anything he or she wants. An unhappy or overzealous admin could wreak havoc. If this happens and an email never gets to the intended recipient, you’ll be out of luck recovering it in Vault.

So it comes down to whether or not you would rather miss valuable data or pull more data than is necessary. When it comes to archiving, especially for litigation purposes, I think most of you would agree to be better safe than sorry. It’s going to cost you a whole lot more to miss messages than it would to retain more data.

Patrick O’Neal is a Solutions Specialist at Authority. Contact him at or 855-298-5200.

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