Archiving & Backup

Remove the burden on over-tasked IT teams by implementing a hassle-free archiving solution as part of your smart information governance strategy.

An archiving and backup solution that will make your eDiscovery easier, quicker (and a lot less expensive).

Use Multiple Systems

Send email and content from different systems into one, unified archive. Authority supports popular platforms, including Google Drive, Gmail, Exchange, Office 365, OneDrive, Groupwise, Lotus Notes and more.

» Office 365 Archiving
» Gmail and Google Apps Archiving
» Microsoft Exchange Archiving
» Novell GroupWise Archiving
» Kerio Cloud
» Other Supported Systems

Set Multiple Retention Periods

Create retention schedules of varying length for individuals, organization units or departments.

Archive Inactive Accounts

Maintain the content and messages of former employees by choosing to “warehouse” their accounts instead of paying the full cost to keep them active.

Advanced Search Functionality

Find content and messages quick and easy, including domain-wide searches of content in documents for some platforms, saving you time and money.

Disaster Recovery

Data lost through a server crash on your end can be pushed back to your servers, while email folder integrity (per user) is maintained through IMAP. You can utilize Authority as a fully-functional email system, providing a complete backup in case of emergency. Your users will have access to Authority’s web-based email client, or can use POP3, SMTP and IMAP clients, such as Outlook. When your system is back online, the email can be redelivered to your local mail server.

Litigation Holds

A Litigation Hold provides a place for users to store messages to ensure they are never destroyed or purged. When you perform a search, administrative users can choose to move the resulting messages to Litigation Hold status. Organizations have the ability to set litigation holds for individual messages or an entire account, and create multiple holds.

Archive Access Notifications

An archiving administrator can receive immediate notice whenever another user in the organization accesses an administrator’s archive. This archiving solution feature not only enables the administrator to monitor usage from those granted access but also helps to prevent unwanted access.

Nightly Reports

A designated staff member receives nightly reports confirming the successful archive of messages. Reports provide detailed information on the number of messages archived, the amount of data archived for each user, a listing of any errors that occurred during the process, and any new user accounts created during the archive process.

Message Download Options

Export to .pst, .pdf, and .eml file types for easy message download.

Optional Security Enhancements

Authority offers additional services for enhancing security, including monitoring for pornographic images and particular words and phrases to support regulatory compliance. Authority helps make email safer, both in use and as an archive.